• Teen/Young Adult

    Goals of parents vary when it comes to children. However, some common objectives that parents want to see are high achieving, confident, well-disciplined, emotionally stable, successful children. A Traumcore professional will work closely with the parent/guardian to grasp a good understanding of the family dynamics and any challenges which exist. By taking time to diagnose the circumstance, our professionals will be able to recommend a treatment modality to fit your youth's need. To simplify the process and to progress to the desired objectives for your youth, we will leverage various therapeutic methods such as Motivational Interviewing; Harm Reduction Approach; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Gestalt Therapy. Our therapists will focus on the whole person to determine the factors that are contributing to negative disciplinary behaviors, low self-esteem, etc. Best of all, each person is treated as an individual; therefore, there is no "One Size Fits All" strategy. Each and every client will receive a unique treatment plan. Ultimately, we will help get to the underlying issues that is creating an unfavorable change in your youth's behavior.

    Is your teen/young adult experiencing one (or more) the following?

    • Acting disrespectfully, defiantly or aggressively
    • Arguing or lying or in conflict frequently?
    • Dealing with trauma, loss or a difficult transition?
    • Experiencing anger, frustration or sadness often?
    • Engaging in criminal activity?
    • Using recreational drugs or paraphernalia?
    • Withdrawing, feeling alone or struggling?
    • Shutting down or having trouble at school?

    As the parent/guarding, are you feeling one (or more) of the following?

    • Feeling drained and overwhelmed by parenting?
    • Confused about what your teens thinking & feeling?
    • Feeling resentful towards your kids?
    • Parenting from a place of fear and frustration?
    • Struggling to get your child to cooperate?
    • Wanting a better connection with your teen?
    • Trying to parent while you deal with your own life dilemmas?