• Individual Therapy

    Therapy can provide a wide range of emotions and mixed feelings … from feeling happiness to sadness; from feeling victorious to defeated, etc. And sometimes you are dealing with some painful life experiences (relationships, failures, disappointments) during some therapy sessions. To facilitate and accelerate the progression of the healing process, our professional therapists will focus on strategic, proven methodologies (such as homework exercises) to move through the different phases of healing and/or recovery. As long as you are willing to be bold and be the owner of this process as well as be open, honest and committed, you can achieve your goal and realize your life purpose.

    Thank You for taking the first steps in creating the life you want and becoming the best version of yourself. Lord knows that change is difficult; however, you have the power to take charge and be victorious in life. All things are possible, and YOU can do it! The road to victory (healing and/or re-inventing yourself) takes time. So you have to be patience and more importantly “Be Kind to Yourself”. Together, our staff and you, will work diligently every step of your journey, to assist you in seeing a clearer picture of your life and identifying the success path that’s right for you.

    If you are ready to take the first step to achieving the emotional success and happiness that you deserve as well as work with a therapist who is authentic and help you stand in your truth, then take the first step by contacting TraumCore. Life is not perfect, but you can make it as “imperfectly, perfect” for you.

    Individual Therapy Specialty Support Services

    • Juvenile delinquency
    • Depression
    • Anxiety and Panic attacks
    • Addiction
    • Coping and thriving in response to life changes and adjustments (relocating, career changes, divorce)
    • Personal wellness development
    • Stress Management and Burnout
    • Communication skills, assertiveness training, and decision-making
    • Adult Life Management
    • Life Transitions
    • Self- worth & feeling comfortable in your own skin
    • CO-dependency, healthy boundaries and assertiveness
    • Intimate partner abuse & Anger management concerns in the relationships
    • Processing major life changes and crossroads
    • Recovery from trauma
    • Career / entrepreneurship counseling
    • Finding a purposeful life
    • Family conflict/ dynamics and becoming your own person
    • Mentoring